I've always looked for new & creative ways to solve problems and been fascinated by innovation. As a startup founder I have a varied skill-set covering all aspects of startups and business strategy. I love having a purpose to my work and feeling driven by a mission, working with an equally passionate and engaged team. I'm highly networked within the London startup scene and enjoy building strong relationship with clients & partners to deliver exceptional results, both for the companies I've founded and those I've worked for.
Having worked as a startup founder for the last 4 years I'm now keen to leverage my knowledge to help impact a company in their development and growth. You can see more about my startup Zealify here and my other startup Incredibli here, as well as more about me below. Outside of my work in startups I love speaking and mentoring, I've been lucky to have the opportunity to mentor incredible students from school age all the way through to University and beyond.

I have a degree in Business Management from the University of East Anglia. I've also participated in several online courses (MOOC's) including Startup Boards: Advanced Entrepreneurship from Stanford University and I'm currently studying Introduction to Project Management from the University of Adelaide.

"I was intro'd to Lauren by a trusted friend and was immediately rewarded by a terrific, unique and creative service offering called Zealify. Lauren is a visionary, a powerhouse, a highly intelligent business person and a pleasure to work with. If I ever have the chance to do so again, I would happily work with Lauren on any project knowing full well it will have 'success' written all over it!"

- Jeff Wellstead, Head of Talent at MetaPack
(Client of Zealify)

""Lauren is terrific", I've said that so many times - smart, confident, engaging and articulate with people at all levels, she's a pleasure to work with. Lauren is extremely driven, professional and has a great sense of the right kind and type of communication (to investors, customers and partners).
In a world where so many just faff about, Lauren gets it done."

- Matthew Stafford, Founder of 9others
(Advisor to Zealify)



Currently Reading:

So good they can't ignore you.
Cal Newport

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Currently studying:

Project101x Introduction to Project Management.
The University of Adelaide (EdX)

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Launch Festival 2016

"I first met Lauren when she interviewed me for her Female Founders series. I was impressed by her poise, professionalism, vision and her intellect. Since then I have been privileged to be part of her support team, as a mentor and coach, helping her to realise her vast potential as an entrepreneur and business woman. Lauren has a very bright future ahead of her!"

- Amanda Davie, Executive Coach

"Lauren is a passionate, strategic and extremely driven individual. She's a natural leader and hungry for success. Her bags of energy can make me tired, but her charming personality also make me smile!"

- Emanuel Andjelic, Co-founder & Chairman of Squirrel (Investor in Zealify)



"Lauren is one of the most hard working and dedicated individuals I've met - her attention to detail was particularly impressive. Lauren and her team went above and beyond and was always super quick to respond to our evolving needs. I'd highly recommend Lauren."

- Farah Kanji, Head of Talent at Onfido
(Client of Zealify)

"Lauren is one of the most driven and ambitious people I have worked with, and I have no doubt that she will be hugely successful. I have seen her guide the strategy and direction of the business at a high level as well as getting stuck in with all areas of the business. Her ability to quickly make important decisions with confidence is particularly impressive. Lauren always ensures she holds herself to her own exceptionally high standards, which inspires anyone that works with her to do the same."

- Liam Nolan, Head of Product at Zealify

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