In 2016 I joined Techstars to support the International Operations for our Accelerators. Within two years I was promoted twice and transitioned to run, & scale, a globally distributed operations team supporting Techstars Community programs.

As Senior Director of Operations I lead the team responsible for scaling systems, training, implementation and tools needed to support our global network of Community Leaders who manage 1000+ Startup Weekends and 60+ Startup Weeks globally.

Key highlights:

  • Ensured global compliance in all operating regions

  • Took the business operational structure from non-profit to for-profit

  • Restructured the operations team to ensure specialisation across operations, project management, customer experience and data analysis to deliver increased value to all customers. Analysed the overall work structure and built a team of FT employees and outsourced support to flex our needs as we migrate to more automated systems.

  • Implemented a Customer Success function to ensure we could deliver scalable relationships globally

  • Supported the creation of new roles outside of the Operations team to ensure growth and development of the Community business unit

  • Developed the concept and project managed the Techstars Ecosystem Summit to bring together 500 Community Leaders and those prominent in the Economic Development Community

  • Built health checks to monitor global ecosystems for sales and development

  • Developed the infrastructure plan to migrate all legacy systems to Salesforce and an Event Management System (including leading product management, data mapping and engineering coordination)